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            About Us
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            General Contracting
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            General Contracting

            Whatever the project and whatever the scope, LBM Construction Company has the experience, knowledge and technical expertise that you should expect of your General Contractor. We create an environment of where we plan, organize and execute the project to meet and conform to your objectives. We constantly strive to produce the highest quality service in our pursuit to "build your vision."

            Process-Oriented Company
            To accomplish this mission, we have created and structured a process-oriented company. We begin by approaching a project with a special emphasis on team building and collaboration. The roles and responsibilities of a project are clearly defined. We understand that effective communication and understanding of the process provides a solid foundation in creating the best outcome for your company.

            As your General Contractor, we are involved from the pre-construction phases to final completion with:

            • Detailed Pre-Planning & Scheduling

            • Day to day Construction Supervision

            • Devoted & highly professional employees

            • Weekly Progress Reports

            • Cost Containment Methods

            • Subcontractor Management

            • Highest Safety Standards

            • Client Move in Planning

            • Warranty & Maintenance Programs

            We also understand that there are two vital keys to success. One is through trust and the second is through responsibility between you, the client, LBM, the architect, the subcontractors and the suppliers. We build a cohesive team that strives to stay on time and on budget while producing the highest quality building.

            New Innovations
            We continually strive to be at the forefront of construction tools and innovative methods that is being introduced into our industry. Two such methods are the new "Integrated Project Delivery Systems" along with the "BIM: Building Information Modeling Systems". These new processes will increase communication along with eliminating waste during the building process. Please contact us to get a better understanding of these new innovations.

            Our Pledge
            We can assure you that the quality we guarantee, the schedule that we promise, the costs we pledge to control and the highest standards of safety for all persons involved meet your expectations, add value and contribute to the success of your project.


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