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            About Us
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            General Contracting
            Construction Management
            Design-Build Programs
            Facilities Maintenance
            Integrated Project Delivery

            Our Services

            LBM Construction Company has been building facilities for over 25 years.

            We simply love what we do! Our knowledge and expertise spans across a multitude of industries from the automotive. financial and health care industries to manufacturing, industrial, office and warehouse industries. We are well known not only for new construction but also for expansions and renovations to many facilities. We are meticulous about our work and are very flexible to work with. Year in and year out, we deliver a quality product while staying on time and on budget. We strive to make the experience an enjoyable one for you.

            Our primary focus is on the following, but is not limited to:

            General Contracting

            New Construction in Multitude of Industries
            Expansions & Renovations
            Industrial & Metal Buildings

            Construction Management

            Design & Build Program - "Under One Roof"

            Facilities Maintenance

            Integrated Project Delivery System
            using BIM (Building Information Modeling)

            LBM Construction Company can assure that the quality we guarantee, the schedule that we promise, the costs we pledge to control and the highest standards of safety for all persons involved meet your expectations, add value and contribute to the success of your project.

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