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            Office Buildings

            Project Name
            : Caldwell Tank

            Location: Louisville, KY
            Type of Building: New Construction & Expansion
            Square Footage: 16,936
            Awards for Project: ABC Award of Excellence

            This exciting project consists of a two story, east addition with 10,636 square feet on the 1st floor and 4,990 square feet on the 2nd floor. The west addition is one story consisting of 1,310 square feet. The east addition includes private offices, open offices, conference rooms, break room, work room, file storage, rest rooms, a full service elevator, and mechanical rooms. The east office addition is a combination of pre-engineered and conventional structure; reinforced concrete cassions and concrete foundations walls, brick, EIFS, and texture clad exterior walls; standing seam and SLR architectural roofing; aluminum windows, interior and exterior stairways; interior finishes include drywall partitions, acoustical ceiling, pre-hung wood doors and casing, plastic laminate casework, various floor coverings, and painting. The west addition is similar construction with exception of the perimeter is constructed of load bearing masonry walls with a combination of a brick and EIFS veneer, wood trusses with plywood with a pre-engineered SLR architectural roofing system, and similar finishes throughout.

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